The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

Release Date: November 21, 1991

This was a revolutionary Legend of Zelda game as it brought Link from 8-bit form to 16-bit form. It was also the first Zelda game to include the Master Sword, the typical three then some more dungeon layout, famous locations like Kakariko Village and Lake Hylia, a plot twist in the middle of the game, and variation of musical selections. This game can be said to have kick-started the series.


One night, a girl's voice awakens you from your sleep.
She telepathically pleads.

You jump out of bed not knowing whether the voice was part of a dream or reality. Upon leaving your bed, you find your uncle, who should be fast asleep at this time, preparing to go out, girded for battle.

"I'll be back by morning," he says as he departs. "Don't leave the house."

You watch him leave with the family sword in hand and shield on arm. This night is like no other... Who is Zelda? Where had your uncle gone and for what reason?

And so, on an ill-fated night, a new chapter in the legend of Hyrule's hero begins- a new chapter in The Legend of Zelda!

Game Description