Kirby's Dream Land 3

Release Date: November 27, 1997

On a peaceful day on Planet Popstar, Kirby is enjoying fishing with his friend Gooey. Suddenly, a mysterious dark cloud begins to loom over the sky, breaking Popstar's rings in the process and reaching over the distant corners of the world. Coo quickly tells Kirby that Popstar is in trouble, and they soon set off to protect the world once again.



Kirby must travel across five different worlds, each with six stages and a boss. Each stage also has someone that requires Kirby's assistance. If Kirby completes his required task and completes the stage, he will receive a Heart Star. If all Heart Stars are collected by the end of the game, the player will be able to fight the final boss.


Kirby's Dream Land 3 was the last first-party video game ever released for the SNES in North America, making it a symbol for the end of the console's era.

Game Description